9 Awkward Things That Happen At Every Desi Shaadi

Desi shaadi

Every desi shaadi is full of so much gusto, fun and awkwardness. Desi weddings are perhaps the most awkward occasions as there are so many things which can embarrass you like hell.

On the other hand, desi weddings are the most bright and sharp events. From band baaja to shehnayi and from amazing dances to the sound of dhol, desi shaadis are all energetic and fantastic.

The best part of any desi shaadi is the food; from kourma to kheer and from pulao to mithai, desi wedding is best place to have best food.

However, in the midst of all the fun and good food, one can’t forget the awkwardness he feels at a desi shaadi because of some very awkward things that happen there.

1. Mandatory fight between the relatives

There are some relatives who have to fight at every desi wedding to show the world that they are here to ruin all the fun. Like please, fighting ain’t mandatory, it becomes awkward to handle.

Desi shaadi

2. Disappearance of money given by dulhay raja

The money which is taken after lots of arguments with larkay walay from dulhay raja should be disturbed equally among those who played well to get the cash. But the awkward thing is that after minutes of getting the money, it gets disappeared; most probably in the purses of dulhan’s sisters.

Desi shaadi

3. Gossiping about others’ married life

Some people attend the desi shaadi to gossip only and to be honest, sitting with them becomes really awkward.

Desi shaadi

4. Unnecessary comments on the couple

Aunties are always all set to embarrass the couple on every desi shaadi with their weird comments and expressions. It’s really awkward for the duo, like really.

Desi shaadi

5. Some weird dance performances at desi shaadi

Some people perform in a totally different way on the desi weddings. Like they think they are dancing like Madhuri or Shah Rukh Khan but actually they are doing things in totally opposite and awkward way.

Desi shaadi

6. Video making when eating shaadi’s khaana

Getting caught while eating by a cameraman at desi wedding is the most awkward thing. Like you are busy having your boti but suddenly you have to act like a sophisticated person who will just have a glass of water at this shaadi.

Desi shaadi

7. An army waiting in dulhan’s sasural for naashta

The naashta is sent to bride’s sasural but seeing the army of relatives at breakfast there can take the one who brought the naashta in a very awkward position.

Desi shaadi

8. One naraaz popho

One relative, mostly popho, remains mad during the whole wedding and she is always complaining and never happy with anything. These kinds can make things very embarrassing actually infront of the guests.

Desi shaadi

9. Rishta quest

The most awkward thing is that all the mothers of single sons get busy in rishta quest for their laals at the wedding. The unwanted stares of such aunties are so awkward tbh.

Desi shaadi

From stupid phaday to naraaz popho and from weird dances to horrific rishta quest, desi shaadis never fail to put you in some really awkward position.

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