9 bad Habits Which You Need To Drop As Quickly As Possible

bad habits

Every person wants to live a healthy and smooth live.There are people who take care of themselves more than any other thing in order to make their living comfortable and healthy.No matter how much you take care of yourself their are some habits of yours which becomes a barrier in your aim of living a healthy life.Following are the habits which does not let you live a healthy life.
Being Busy on your phone all the time even when you are in bed
Everyone has a bad habits of spending there free time or we can say even the time when you are with friends or with your family on your mobile.Instead you should try putting away while spending your time with your friends or family.If you did not let this habit down you can remain far behind from other people as while using mobile you cannot feel the envoirnment around you.You should also nt take your phone into your bed .By using your phone during your sleeping time can weaken your eyeside and will also take your 1 hour of sleeping time which can cost you on the next day.So you should try keeping your phone away from you while you are sleeping.
bad habitsYou should stop following the people on social media which makes you sad ,depressed or angry.

Its time to unfollow or unfriend all the people you hate for their bad habits as their work makes you feel angry which is the weapon used by unhealthiness against you.You can block your friend which makes you feel bad for yourself.Unlike friends you can also dislike the pages which you do not like or if they talk bad about you.By unfollow or by unlike ,you can feel fresh and can have some good time on social media as well.
bad habitsYou should stop holding on the objects which does not make any sense in your life.
Holding on the objects that don’t add something positive to your life,can put a hell of burden on you.Other than the day to day stress this can also bring you stress.Building up entropy can even make you angry.So every thing which you keep should be meaningful to you.
bad habits

You should stop comparing yourself to others.

This is one the worst bad habit of almost every person.By doing this you will never get satisfied with yourself and you will constantly feel yourself weak.This happens because everyone has his own mind his own aim his own timeline.You should be happy with your career progress because this lets you to believe in yourself.If someone is ahead of you in studies its fine,this does not mean that you should stop working hard saying that you can’t beat him,you should do all the work which you can do and one day this will give you the lead.
bad habitsyou should not spend your free time watching shows or dramas.
Its right to spend some of your time watching shows on tv in order to get some   relaxation after the hard day you spend.However if you gave all your free time including the time when you should do the work in watching shows than it is possible that you will regret some day.Because by spending all your time in extra activities can make you lazy and can cost you in all ways,this can give a sudden decrease to your productivity.You should try to limit this bad habit of yours in order to live a smooth and healthy life.
bad habits

You should start cleaning the mess from the place where you stay the most.

Your house is the first and only place where you love the most,so you should keep your house clean especially your room.You can clean your room by picking up the clothes which are messing around.You should clean all the mess because living in messy area can disturb you alot more than any other thing.You should try to make your room softening.By waking upor sleeping in your perfect cleaned room can give you a perfect start or end after the long day.
bad habits

You should stop getting in touch with the people when you need something from them.

While you are living your own comfortable life,its possible that you forget all your loved ones.But if you need them for something you suddenly step towards them.This is one of the bad habits of keeping your relationship.If your relationship are important to you try prearranging them.You should step aside a time for meeting with your love ones if meeting is not possible than even a phone call can work,this can make your relation stable.

You should stop feeling like saying yes to people everytime.

This is the bad habit of every person but don’t do it. You always say yes to people the World will move even if you say no to the people the World will still spin ,so why not be reaslistic why not show the people what is right and what is wrong.From being realistic this can greatly benefit to you for improving your health.
bad habits

You should stop keeping loads of mails or messages in your phone.

You should not keep billions of mails as this can make you feel uncomfortable.Many people get wreck by people that they just avoid it.When you keep mails so when you see them this makes you uncomfortable,so you should keep on cleaning your phone so this can make your life wealthy and stressful.

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