9 Useful Tips for University Students


For all those who have not experienced university life yet or they are new in the university. I must tell you it’s full of surprises and basically depends upon your personality or the subjects you are studying. But we have made a collection of 9 useful tips that will definitely help you in making it more fun, successful, memorable and entertaining.

Here are the 9 useful tips:

  1. Always copy paste all the assignments from a nerd (change few wordings at least) because sometimes you get caught.

  1. Bunk as many classes as you can or want but make sure that your attendance percentage should be according to your university’s criteria (should be enough to appear in exams). And also never try to attend a class when it’s a mass bunk. Never!

  1. Don’t ever be late for first lecture of the day otherwise you will receive all the attention of your teacher and he or she will probably ask you to stand up and give the rest of the lecture. However, if you are still getting late , its better not to attend it at all, but always check your attendance first and skip it.(that’s how you save yourself wisely)

  1. Don’t ever ever try to be too smart and remind your teacher about the due assignments or viva or any other test otherwise there are chances that you will get yourself killed on the spot (by your class mates).

  1. Asking stupid questions during lectures would be helpful for you in getting good marks. You might wonder how? However, you will get to know once you are in the university. Let’s just say the more you ask the more you learn.

  1. Always be prepared for all the possible insults and embarrassment in every viva of final exams, some teachers would definitely blow your mind by asking amazing questions (by amazing I mean out of this world) and you would not believe your ears.

  1. Start studying one week before final exams. This will be just enough for you to pass. Don’t try to work hard (what is the fun in that), you will pass anyway and get a job too.

  1. Never ever try to enter the library of your university it could be dangerous for your health.

  1. Friends are the family you get to choose so make as many friends as you can. As crazy as you are. Additionally, it will definitely help you in making long-lasting memories of your life.


Hopefully these 9 tips will help you get through the university life. Please share your opinion with us in the comments section below!

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