A Medicine Drop Out Yestersay, Serving Bank To Millions Today !!


Who said drop outs and failures couldn’t ever win their dreams ?







Here is yet another Pakistani Inspiration, Naureen Hyat, who being a medical school drop out, yet aimed to help people and has successfully shown her steps forward to it today.







Naureen always wanted to serve humanity and hence, being a doctor was a dream come true, but due to circumstances she had to drop out and that is when she realized that more than illness what really bothers humans all around is finance.
People are unable to afford most of their dreams, their families, their health issues and keeping all that in mind Naureen created the idea of “Tez Commitee” which is a marketplace of funds where people can pool their funds and win the pool every month, based on a bidding process.








As Naureen was interviewed she mentioned, “We are in the process of raising funds and should finalise deals with potential investors in the coming months. SDG Challenge was a good opportunity to present ourselves to potential investors. Some Shariah compliant funds have also shown interest,”








She continued “The smartphone user base is 40 million currently and is expected to double by 2020, according to GSMA estimates. Our market will primarily be the smartphone user base, which is currently 40 million, going on to 80 million in two years. Broadband proliferation is happening for real and financial inclusion is no longer a pipedream.”

The true inspiration behind her idea of Tez committee was that despite of having so many banks and financial programs all around, the poor still suffer on managing control. The idea of Tez Financial Service is to serve all and create a balance.

We’re proud of you Naureen, and good luck with your aims ahead. 

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