A Girl At Work Place


When she entered through a gate made up of glass, her mind was fully fanaticized with the dreams of being a self-confident, motivated and satisfied Girl. Like we have already seen in movies and Dramas all the time. But the reality is bitter than Dreams. Started working with dedication and loyalty, being promoted by time, received lots of respect, good relations in terms of Friends and colleagues. Then she meets Him.

He was average looking attractive guy, well dressed and with a beautiful smile. Someone was saying “He is your Boss” pretty girl! Again She was in the same imaginary rhymes. They started working and it was all going good. Then behavior swiftly changes still she was in confusion of his Personality shifts, anyways He started ignoring her presence, not responding to her work, extra ordinary orders. She felt that she wasn’t here to be your slave. Is she? Does any girl think of being slave at workplace either she is a front desk officer or MBA qualified Marketing Manager?  I think respect matters a lot for an Asian female more than money. Thank God still our man is controlled for sexual harassment at least at work place Still in Asia. A guy with dual personality came to her, Manager to department relates employee policies. Hey girl, why are you crying? Is everything OK! She was so acquitted to differentiate the double personality syndromes in a sole human. “Yeah He is not good with me, I hate him.” Now here is the new character in her work life. I’ll help you dear just file a complaint. She was never being in to such games in her 22-year life. And then she faced a lot of trouble just for a single trust with the new strange character. Explanation call to Manager HR! Explanation call to GM HR! Explanation to CEO! Is this all happening because She is a Girl? Or the Organization is so strict for Harassment policies. Or there is a game plan at her back! But Matter sorted. Again She trusted a man…

I simply agree with the majority that workplace harassment exists, but it’s always covered with situations, behaviors, and double policies. We think we are working in a modesty, but we are not. A well-dressed man or a lady covered with hijab doesn’t mean that they can’t harass the opposite gender. Even I have seen the same gender has these kind of traits in them. Pulling leg, taunting and assigning undesignated work. Quoting from the Researcher,

Sexual harassment is now recognized as a potential problem for most organizations. The purpose of this article is to provide an introduction to the various aspects of workplace harassment as a problem: its definition (including both the “economic injury” and “hostile environment” types of harassment). Organizations are encouraged to act affirmatively by (1) establishing a policy prohibiting sexual harassment in the organization; (2) establishing and making employees aware of a grievance procedure for sexual harassment complaints; and (3) educating employees about the problem of sexual harassment through a combination of awareness and experiential training techniques.

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