A Journey.

APS attack

We all are looking for something in this world.

Searching for something that will make sense.

Something that will give us peace and happiness.

But we fail to realize is that happiness is not a destination but a journey.


Ever heard of how not the ending matters but the story does?

That’s exactly how it is.

The little things that happen on your way to your fate are what really counts, are what really matters.

Don’t you sometimes enjoy the drive more than to the place you are actually driving to?

Or isn’t it always your wish to just go on that late night drive?

It’s all about the journey my friend.

And it ‘s all about the choices we make that will make up that journey for better or for worse.

We make choices on our way, take decisions.

Yes sometimes we end up regretting them but it’s those choices and decisions that shape us to who we become.

They help us learn and grow into the beautiful flower we are.

We may seem ugly to ourselves but there will always be somebody who would be aiming to be like you.

Who will learn from the decisions you took.

You don’t like a journey that has been smooth and stable for a long time.

Yes for a while it seems amazing as it is peaceful and stable but then you realize you need to spice it up.

You speed up, race around,take challenges and you enjoy it.

That’s what life’s journey is like too.

It will give you those peaceful phases but to cherish those peaceful phase it will also throw you in a roller coaster ride and shake you all up.

But that’s all just too keep the balance of life.

To keep you sane.

And to make you feel that it all is worth living.


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