A letter to my ex- best friend who I thought was my whole world



Dear best friend,

I mean Ex best friend. You see I am still not used to the fact that we are not friends anymore.

I don’t even need to ask how that happened, how we ended up as strangers.

It was my fault. But not entirely. You wefe at fault too. I told you all my insecurities. I told you my biggest fears. I told you who I love and who I don’t. I told you who I didn’t want near you.

You were a part of my world even if not my whole world.

But you broke my trust. You did everything that was my insrcurity. You went to every person I hated and you treated every person I liked as someone you trully hated.

You ended up badmouthing about me to the people I trully, deeply, madly loved. Which made them hate me. I lost everything. And by everything I mean everyone that I loved and still love.

You started drifting away. You became best friends with the girl I never liked. And then you made fun of each and everything that was related to me. You told everyone my secrets. And while you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking, “This sounds like it is all my fault, where are you at fault then?”

Well, my fault you ask?

The only fault of mine was that I trusted you. That I became your friend in the first place.

Now because of you I can’t trust anyone. Because of you I have got one more fear added to the list. Now, I’m afraid of trusting people. Falling in love is a far thought for me now.

Now I am friendless. I may have a new person in my life who is trying to make me happy. ┬áBut I’ll never be the same again.

I bid you Farewell.


Your once best friend who thought she was nothing without you.

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