A Lost Land


A galaxy known by milky way,
There was a land lost and stray

A planet known by Earth,
The world so pure before the Adam’s birth

Every season was the season of love,
And every land was the land of dove

The mornings were cheerful,
And the nights so peaceful

The skies were lighter,
And the days were brighter

Fluttering butterflies fly so high,
Twinkling fireflies reaches upto the sky

The land where happiness and joy once play,
Fear sorrow and grief just stay away

Where people were sweet as honey,
Value those things which can’t buy from money

Slowly and gradually the things turn round,
Earth started broken, the sky falling down

Greed overtakes humanity,
The humans were cursed with insanity

The flowers turn brown, faces become pale,
The man drown as it started hail

Lost his dignity which he had once,
Without it he was just a picture of dunce

Sorrowful face of a little child sitting on the mud,
Whose parents were just killed in white blood

The dark land were humans were hungry,
And vultures fill up their bellies

Empty made home in stomach and pockets,
While they were sending up their rockets

The sad crying clouds shatter their tears,
Thunders that make humans fear

They made weapons to destroy their own kind,
Humans here but humanity nowhere find

Cruality began with the invention of first weapon,
And he says he doesn’t know how it happens

Hearts broken, words unspoken,
In the middle of night children still woken

Feel it, life is a journey so long,
Change yourself man, you were so wrong

Tears, fears, depression, destruction wherever I see,
Is this the world where I meant to be?

But between these odds there’s still a ray of hope,
All we need is just to grab HIS rope

Far away from this world a hopeful star is still shining,
And we all know every cloud has a silver lining

Things might go right if we start feeling a little more,
This summer, I hope will not consist of as many closed windows as the one before!

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