A Random Guy Just Shared Fake News Of Shoaib Akhtar’s Death & The Cricketer Responded Hilariously.


One puzzling thing had been going on social media & when we scrutinized the entire throng of tweets & comments, we got to know someone has just posted a picture of Shoaib Akhtar on his wall, trying to inform everybody that he is no more.



A Guy, Ahsan Kamal Pasha posted a status in which he wrote, “Sad News, Shoaib Akhtar (Rawalpindi Express) today at the age of 42 passed by a Fruit shop this morning” & accidentally people took this “Passed by” way seriously.

The post was deleted after a few minutes but twitter fans were got informed by Rawalpindi Express.

And the fans didn’t forgive the guy.




Look how Shoaib Himself Replied.


Shoaib looks so cool with his reply but fans!!


Yeh Kya Tha Bhaee??


Beauty Tips Shoaib Bhai?


Sense Of Humor Acha Haii……


Bus Issi ki kamee thi. 






Jazbaati Hogaya.




Inglish. 😀



Sardaar Jee. 





Kon Hain Yeh log? Kahan Se Atay Hain Ye Log?



Gussah Bhi Darust Hai. No Doubt!






Well, the guy was himself stupid. He tried to get fame (according to many people) & got schooled for this immoral act.

What is your take over this?

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