A Strange Heart


She was the kind of person with a strangest heart,told the grandmother to esaa .
This boy was a teenager but he could understand abstract things somehow.
He asked his grandma ” what type of person does have a strangest heart?
“Dear esaa what would you expect from someone when his dearest and closest friend leaves after shouting on him with tearful eyes and abusively wishing him bad luck despite his friend already gave him many peaceful reasons??
Esaa was surprised to hear such thing from his grandmother’s story collection.This time she was not telling a story on good deeds of heroes of history.rather she was just telling story of a big girl’s quarrel..an ordinary girl.
He felt confused and then many obvious answers including all bad things which happen during a fight came to his mind before replying his grandmother
But as he was a boy with a level above his mental age he just starred at grandma thinking why he would tell such offensive answers to her..
Grandma read his eyes ..she knew this boy never made blind mistakes, he was her witty grandchild.
She took a deep breath and said : “she was a person who instead of getting flamed up after hearing abusive wishes from her dear friend suddenly felt her heart beating a little bit irregularly and felt so scarred because this time her friend was wishing her bad luck ..this was a danger zone ..she thought
“Oh God what I have done to my life that my closest friend can’t be polite and understanding to me anymore? After these 6years of friendship all she found was a electrically switched anger from a dear one’s heart..she gasped and felt numb ..she looked for “rumi’s sayings”
and found shelter in his quotes and some other authors of great sayings and on one quote her heart skipped a beat :
” A dear one will be more harmful than one who is not dear to you..all you have to do is to serve them divine water of peaceful silence despite all hatred they pour in your glass”
With this grandmother finished talking and got up for her prayers.
Esaa was surprised to hear this story.
He didn’t know his grandmother was talking about herself in that story.. And esaa also didn’t know this great old lady was praying for her sensitive grandchild not to suffer in this world and the world hereafter due to his dear ones”

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