Transgender; An issue that had been risen in our society as something that is not right to talk about.

But as the time flew by we eventually developed acceptance towards them.

And many of us now even support them.

Today a friend of mine suggested me a movie to watch.

And the movie was ‘The Danish girl’.

The Danish Girl is a 2015 British-American film.

It is a romantic drama directed by Tom Hooper and is based on a fictional novel of the same name.

The movie moves around the life of two painters who were married.

But it all didn’t work out as the husband realized how he was a woman inside.

Nevertheless the girl supported her husband till the end and all through the process and the hardships.

This movie is set in a time when being a transgender was socially unacceptable and any person who was one was thought to be insane.

The surgeries were also never performed before and it was all a huge risk.

This movie touched my heart and my soul to an indescribable level.

It showed me the hardships every socially unacceptable person struggles through.

Yet is strong enough to pull through and fight what that person truly believes in.

It showed me how what you believe is worth the fight because nobody can be a better judge of what you feel.

All the transgenders and even other people should watch this movie as it opens one’s mind.

It creates empathy towards each other that even transgenders are people like us with feelings and a heart.

The Danish Girl is truly an eye opener in the times like these.




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