The Actual Reason Why Nawaz Sharif Was Debarred As PML-N – See What People Are Saying About


The ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan Mia Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, has once again fallen into more trouble. After being disqualified as a PM of Pakistan, supreme court now has also taken away his name from Pakistan Muslim League-N’s president bracket.

Unprecedented, PML-N seems to have been caught off guard, but people are divided on their opinion on whether the suspension of Nawaz Sharif from PML-N will help them win the upcoming elections or not. Some came up with the opinion that they will get the “sympathy” votes and shock the World by winning the elections like they previously did in Lodhran. Others are with the opinion that this is the end of Nawaz Sharif and PML-N.


Whatever the case maybe, experts are also divided that whether the supreme court has overstepped it’s power in suspending Nawaz Sharif as PML-N president or not. Whatever, let us find out what actually happened.

As per supreme court’s Chief justice and two other senior judges on the same bench, has disqualified an individual from the constitution under article 62/63 ( Sadiq and Ameen ). Now the individual cannot head any political party. This all started after PML-N were able to pass the elections act 2017. So basically, the move comes as reversal of the parliament passed notion.



Nowadays, Pakistan is going through a very tough phase, everyday, the court, lock themselves into the war of words, which shows the negative image of the country in front of the World. Which downgrade the value of the country. It has almost destroyed the external and internal conditions of the country.

Here are some tweets which shows the reaction of people about the disqualification 2.0 of Nawaz Sharif

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