Ali Gul Pir Recreated These Some Of The Famous Pakistani Images And The Results Are Way Too Hilarious

Ali Gul Pir

Ali Gul Pir is a famous and super talented Pakistani rapper and stand-up comedian. Remember that comedy song, “Waderai Ka Beta”┬ámade on Pakistan’s political situation?

Yes, yes! You got that right. It’s the same Ali Gul Pir who was behind that famous comedy song. The man is truly gifted with amazing sense of humour and his wit is incomparable.

As we know the man for his great comedy, recently he has done something amusing, similarly to his work.

Ali Gul Pir has very recently recreated some of the iconic Pakistani images in an absolutely hilarious way.

The funny man has chosen some of the very controversial and viral pictures of the Pakistani celebrities and recreated them by adding his own humorous touch to them.

From Urwa and Mawra Hocane’s cool photoshoot to that of Ayesha Umer and Sikander Rizvi, Ali recreated them all and to be honest, the results are way too hilarious.

The hot chai wala’s photo was also recreated by the funny man and he didn’t leave Mahira and Ranbir’s controversial picture of smoking as well.

Like we can’t stop rofling at this mannn!

Ali Gul Pir

Check out this recreation too people!

Ali Gul Pir

Okay, let’s admit that the re-enactment of Sadaf’s this picture is literally too funny

Ali Gul Pir

Online critics be like, “let’s bash Ali Gul Pir now”

Ali Gul Pir

Chai wala Vs. Comedy wala

Ali Gul Pir

This one made us laugh like hell

Ali Gul Pir

All about fashion bro!

Ali Gul Pir

Like seriously? 😆

Ali Gul Pir

While we are still laughing at these hilarious results of the recreation of some of the Pakistan’s viral images by Ali Gul Pir, we are also thinking that how the celebrities will respond to these re-enactments?

However, we hope that it should be taken totally as fun and comedy and not as some ‘serious thing.’ Every country needs good comedians and we have Ali so we need to praise and value him.

Source of images: here

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