Allah’s Mercy


“Mercy”, the term associated with superior races in the West, is a supreme territory of Allah according to our Islamic beliefs.

Talk about the Syrian Muslims for instance, when the Western leadership wants to be merciful, they’d spare the Syrians for a day, a day off in the brutal killings and obliteration of indiscriminate genders and ages.

That’s how far human mercy goes these days.

Allah’s mercy is his prime feature. Humans cannot even think of reaching the brink of His divine powers. Mercy, thus, takes a new light under His authority.

He has created all creatures ever lived. He loves them all equally. His mercy to all the creatures is equally distributed. He’s the only power to ever rule the seas and the oceans. Even to the Western imperialists, His mercy is visible. They go home to their children after oppressing the others, they feast and rest and laugh with their families, while the inferior are burying the remnants of corpses they once called their loved ones.

But man is tested with bounty, so when he thinks he’s in control, he faces the dark part of his time as a living being. So we must not forget our fate.

Indulging into the daily life as every individual struggles and craves for once the attention of another soft soul, for once a hand of another helping mind, and rests to regret knowing humans will never be able to satisfy. Feed it to your minds and within your hearts that’s it’s the Creator who doesn’t disappoint, doesn’t ever leave, not for a single drop of water is it unknown to Him. Hence, do not expect or crave the mutuality of another soulful heart rather crave and attend to the One above All. For indeed “Allah is with the patient”.

For those who bear the strains of time, Allah promises his blessings and help.

If you ever lose hope, just remember that His embrace is around the corner. For Allah burdens a person not more than his scope.

Despite our denial and neglect, he knows all our deeds, but he doesn’t let us sleep hungry.

He even provides for His creatures in the depths of oceans and underground, and for those flying high above in the sky.

He’s the merciful. He’s the merciful. No doubt He’s the most merciful.

Call to Him. He’s always there. Listening.

He’s one call away, always waiting to bestow upon us His mercy and love.


“In the name of Allah, the most beneficent and the most merciful.”

Says Al-Quran 113 times.

This is a constant reminder, He’s just one call away. The merciful. The forgiving.

So call upon Him so that He may hear you and answer your heartily sorrows and create ease within your lives. In Him, is only where a soul is never left to disappoint.

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