Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom parting ways all the while accusing each other


Amir Khan is a world renowned English boxer and every teeny thing or news about him makes waves in the media and for long times.

Its not hidden how his wedding was covered on the big pages and by media for don’t know how many days. It was one of the biggest weddings and unforgettable for all and one of the biggest events covered by media. Everyone followed their wedding news like an obligation.

The wedding was like a fairy tale and they both gave major weddings  and were a jaw dropping good looking couple!

Even after their wedding,their life was awe worthy and  they gave huge Couple Goals!

Recently Faryal got in a  fight with her in laws and it rounded in media for months. Amir also came at front and took sides with wife and left the family. However after a long blame game,it all ended in good terms with her  in laws.

But a new blame game has started with a tweet from Amir Khan announcing their official separation and that they are finally getting a divorce along with citing the reasons.

First of all it was thought that Amir Khan’s account  had been hacked but then Faryal Makhdoom retaliated with more or equals amount of accusation confirming that they were real tweets and they are really parting ways!

The heart breaking tweets are as follows:



All these tweets from both the sides have left us in shock and made us unable to decide who is in the wrong here. It is extremely hard to decide whether this all is true or just  made up lies to embarrass each other and come clean from their own side.

Well,their splitting in one hard news to digest and is going to make their fans melancholy and wisful.


Its an extremely sad new for people around the world who religiously followed their lives and fans

We all can only hope that its some dream or misunderstanding and the fairy tale image remains maintained but from the looks of it,things have really escalated. And there’s no hope of them getting back together.

We really hope that they stop blaming each other and settle things peacefully. As tough as it for them. The fans are also heart broken.

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