An open letter to Reham khan.


Dear Reham,

Here you are again selling out yourself by being played in the hands of some filthy politicians. So, i decided to write you an open letter. I appreciate your effort of becoming more famous again. Well, everyone has a right to do that. But let me ask you a thing. Do you remember the time when you got married to IK and suddenly became all so very famous? You earned our respects at that time. And believe me when I say that nobody knew you till the day of your marriage. Let me tell you something, the thing we have for Imran is far more than just love and respect. He is a living legend. He never ceases to amaze any of us Pakistanis. The only objection I have is how simply and disgustingly you sold out yourself for money and fame which is not even long lasting. Do you even think before doing anything? Have you ever noticed that IK has never ever said anything against any woman? You should’ve written that too in your book.

Reham you had everything and you blew it because of your cruel and evil nature. And this is not only about IK, you targeted his friends too. Who had nothing to do with you. Look! Unlike you, IK has much bigger goals he is trying to achieve right now. So please find something better to do with your life and move on. Just remember whatever you are today itโ€™s only because of him. You could have chosen another path for fame but, No! you needed to take a shortcut.


We as his supporters will do everything in our power to thwart you malicious plans against him. And honestly, I think he made a mistake by letting you into his life even for a short period of time.

Watch out, lady! Because we are not going to let you get away with this and you have only underestimated our power so far.

Last but not the least I only have one request for you please reply at least one of those legal notices you have been sent by now.

Thank you

Take care ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a good life if you have one :p

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