Another Horrible Case, 8 Years Old Innocent Girl raped & Burnt.


The rape cases of innocent children are becoming common as this is not even a big deal. we heard about rape-murder cases of women and now the ratio of kids who get raped are increasing rapidly. Its such a shame that angels are being assaulted sexually and then murdered. Humanity is literally dead and we don’t know why even the fear of Allah can’t make them scared of their evil deeds.


We heard about the rape-murder case of Zainab, which left our heart in pieces. The innocent girl was gone while her dead body was found in garbage.


This sad incident from kasur was still fresh like a wound when more cases started appearing and Noor Fatima’s case is one of them.


Her parents told that she went out to buy herself candies but didn’t return. They kept waiting for her and then started searching for her and to there amaze, her burnt dead body was found. After the postpartum reports everybody came to know that she was raped before being burnt.


People explained what they felt through tweets.


Do you ?


Twitter is full of hashtags #JusticeforNoorFatima. Until when we will get our daughters raped and murdered? Shame on such beasts and hope do government takes some step this time.

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