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One of the fastest spreading and suppressed disease these days which needs to be addressed before its too late is Anxiety. It’s about time that society pays heed to it and starts treating it like a real problem our generation has to face and a majority is currently facing.

According to estimates, by 2020, anxiety will be the second most common disease in the world and according to a survey, 9 out of 10 people in Pakistan have anxiety. That is a very high statistic and needs immediate attention and treatment.

Anxiety is a matter not treated properly in Pakistan. In fact, it is not even considered a disease in our society as it has no physical appearance and cannot be contracted.

People often mix anxiety and depression but they are two different things. The difference is as follows:

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Well, anxiety is what leads to depression at some point.

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Now that the idea of anxiety is clear. We should know what causes it?

Anxiety is a psychological and emotional state of being worried where a person starts behaving a certain way and there are a variety of causes that triggers anxiety. It is the end result of stress and stress can be because of work at school or office, problems in relationships, stress from trauma or could be a side effect of a medicine and also because of the use of certain drugs.

What are the symptoms and how to identify it? Major symptoms are as follows:

  • Excessive worrying about daily life tasks, no matter how small
  • Disturbed sleep patterns, insomnia because a flood of thoughts
  • Having phobia of anything, phobia of social interaction is common a tell-tale sign.
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Stomach Problems like indigestion, stomachache, bloating, gas, constipation etcetera
  • Self consciousness like how you look, if they way you talk is good or not, fear of people not liking you and assuming worst of yourself etcetera
  • Needing confirmations in relationships and fear of people leaving you
  • Imbalance, swaying while standing
  • Panic attacks and hyperventilating where your body starts shaking, feeling of helplessness
  • OCD (Obsessive Compulsive disorder), where you have the need for everything to be perfect and spotless


Now the question is how it can be treated? Following are some of the ways it can be treated using self help:

  1. Exercise:

Take 30 minutes out of your routine to exercise. Make it a habit. It could be any light exercise or walk in the open area. It will do the trick.

  1. Nature:

Surround yourself with the nature. Start gardening.  Buy indoor plants. The sight of them will make you feel better and they will also keep the indoor air fresh.

  1. Meditation:

Set a few minutes aside to free your mind of any worries and thoughts of the day. Close your eyes lie down and relax. It is also in Sunnah.

  1. To-do list:

Writing down what needs to be done throughout the day. Start making a schedule of your activities whether you go to school or office. It will relieve your mind. Also start writing a diary to pour the thoughts of the day and whatever has occupied your mind. Once it’s on the paper, your mind will be free.

  1. Talk about it:

Talk about what worries you and what is consuming your mind. Start talking with others; it could be anyone you trust; your family member or a friend. Discuss your problems and find the solutions of your problems.








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