An approach To Cultural Study that rejects traditional Categories Of Gender.


In pakistan there were two genders men and women and taking about third gender is still consider tabbo in our country…

And according to history in Pakistan
Its all about male dominanace when we talk about—land, political struggles, exploration, and settlement—from an entirely male perspective.
When feminism hit, women pushed to expand the roles they were “allowed” to play in society, and have their voices heard.

But according to  some pakistanis , feminism or feminist  also made the case that all men are dog. And that MAN was always violent, and that if women ran the world, the world would be a better place.

The more rigid these definitions of “the masculine” and “the feminine” became for me
the more the battle of the sexes raged on in social media
the more i thought about an “alternative”.  And
more excited queerism became to me. Because queerism step in and challenge the traditional categories of both gender.

Now question appears that what queerism is??

An approach to cultural study that rejects traditional categories of gender.

For me Queering  simply means challenging a theory or school of thought to question my own identity. And it’s good to reexamine everytime to think who you are and what you want to become regardless of biological gender you are having. Its a part of growing up, i think.
If  we begin to question our own definitions of normal then we can realize that maybe none of us are normal.

Queer theory loves destabilizing popular cultural narratives. And by that, I mean taking the character out of place, the word out of place, the sentence out of place. And saying, nothing is what it probably seems. .
There are things boys are “supposed” to  say, and do in our culture, and things that girls are “supposed” to say, and do in our culture—and our parents  will likely remind you of these gender normative rules if you decide to break them..

In Pakistan culture if girl is born we presumably assume that she will always love to do makeup , she will make gol rotty. .
And if boy is born ghar ka waris paida hua hai… He will be the master of house…breadwinner of family but he was not allowed to cry… He can not get emotional
And comments like these key us into the idea that gender is not just about (or, perhaps, at all about) biology; gender is composed of a series of carefully choreographed cultural performances where  we have to perform like our biological sexes.

for me there is when queerism came into being…
“queer” is someone who moves between the identities defined by patriarchy and essentialist categories of femininity—someone who always questions who gets to define what the facts are in any argument.

This theory is a rebel with a cause. It teaches us that language and human expression, in all its forms, are stranger than we ever thought possible. A body makes sperm or a body makes eggs or maybe some bodies don’t make either. We are  beyond that—we have to think beyond. Women can be aggressive and challenging and men can be sensitive and caring. We are all mixtures of social codes and wild biology…. Thats what queerism is all about.

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