Ariana Grande’s Texts To Millie Bobby Is The Best Thing About Golden Globes

Millie Bobby

Millie Bobby Brown, the talented English actress and model who has touched the peaks of popularity and fame in the little age of just 13 years looked super stunning and extremely impressive at the recent Golden Globes Awards.

Wearing an immensely pretty black dress, Millie Bobby Brown stole the show at the Golden Globes and all the eyes were surely on this 13-year-old star.


Millie Bobby

Millie Bobby

Many people loved Millie Bobby Brown’s gorgeous look at the awards as she totally rocked the black dress. In the line of compliments which were given to Millie, Ariana Grande’s compliments to her became the highlight.

Millie Bobby

Millie Bobby, the star of “Stranger Things” shared a screenshot of Ariana Grande’s texts on her Instagram story and the messages were nothing but filled with praise, appreciation and love.

Millie Bobby

Besides Ariana Grande, many other people fell in love with the totally remarkable look of the star of “Stranger Things.” 

This much beauty, confidence and grace at just 13 is wooh! Just so inspirational and incredible. We need to learn from this little cutie.

Just imagine… even if we were pretty, we didn’t know how to carry a simple frock.

God! This is just so beautiful and crazy. This girl just nailed it with her style and attitude.

The actress of “Stranger Things” looked so flawless and a total queen. 

However, coming back to Ariana Grande’s texts to the Millie Brown is something we are happy to witness.

Because, witnessing that a celebrity is praising a celebrity is something so cool and we literally loved the kind of amazing bond both the stars share. It’s more like, a legend supporting a legend.

Millie Bobby

Without a doubt, Ariana Grande’s texts of appreciation to Millie Bobby is the best and coolest thing about the mighty Golden Globes Awards and we are glad that we didn’t miss them.

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