Armeena Khan Is Literally Shutting Up Everyone Who Responds Stupidly To Issue Of Sexual Harassment

Armeena Khan

After Meesha Shafi opened up about the sexual harassment she faced allegedly by Ali Zafar, many people including Armeena Khan come out to speak up against harassment.

Armeena Khan

Many celebrities have shared their responses on Ali-Meesha controversy. Armeena Khan also commented on the issue and she shared her views on Twitter.

Then she also shared the story of sexual harassment which she faced in Anarkali of Lahore.

Armeena Khan

While she was harassed, she was wearing burka and yes one should emphasize on the fact of her wearing burka as here, harasser is defended by blaming women’s dressing.

Armeena Khan

The actress stated while sharing her story, “I was in Anarkali in Lahore in a burka (nobody knew who I was). I literally had my backside groped and breasts grabbed.

NOT by one guy but by two. Now, my family saw that and I asked them why? I was told it was a really common thing there. Did I deserve that?”

As soon as Armeena talked on the issue of sexual harassment and shared her story, many people started to respond.

Some reacted positively in her support while some responded absurdly which led the actress to roast them like hell.

Armeena Khan

Go awayyy!

As they say, “aurat hi aurat ki sab se bari dushman hai.” Btw Armeena replied aptly.


Lool best Armeena, best.

Oh! please shuts okay. 

Lols! Oh girl, you are on fire.

Yes Armeena yes!

“There we are” *facepalm*

Haha! LMAO!

Like you? 

Calling “sharing the story of harassment” a publicity stunt is such an illogical thing to say. Seriously, fed up of this argument.

Like girl, wooh!


Hahahaha! Hilarious.


Armeena Khan

However, the issue of sexual harassment is very serious and shouldn’t be taken as lightly. It also shouldn’t be ignored and the harasser should be punished in order to avert this toxic practice of harassment in Pakistan which is very common actually.

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