Artist Amazingly Showed How Sad Thrown Away Objects Can Feel In Streets

Thrown away objects

The thrown away objects in the streets can be given sad and depressed faces which any of us has hardly even imagined while throwing the objects away.

This artist named Lonesome Town from Los Angeles who is basically a street artist tried to show the side of picture one can’t think of while wasting his sofa, chair or TV.

Lonesome Town with his amazing skills showed the sorrow of thrown away objects he found in the streets and amazed us with his talent and creativity.

We can get this message from this LA-based street artist’s super cool and creative approach of showing the sorrow of thrown away objects that this is what our wasted chair and shelf can feel when we throw them in the streets instead of using them again either by repairing them or in some other way.

1. Depressed duo

Our sympathies with them.

Thrown away objects

2. Sad and lonely

Stop feeling sad you little thing.

Thrown away objects

3. Sorrowful couch

Oh, oh!

Thrown away objects

4. Pissed off sofa

It’s clearly annoyed.

Thrown away objects

5. Heartbroken chair

Crying too and btw it’s actually broken.

Thrown away objects

6. Unhappy one

Balloons are not happy either.

Thrown away objects


7. Dejected Television

Let’s make some good use out of things like these.

Thrown away objects

8. Gloomy thrown away objects

But how beautiful these chairs look and not appear to be in position to be kicked out or being wasted.

Thrown away objects

9. Down, like really

It’s so cool. Who threw it away and why?

Thrown away objects

10. Crestfallen

It looks quite comfortable though.

Thrown away objects

From chair to sofa and from television to couch, this artist told us with his art that how heartbroken and dejected these objects look.

Like oh, oh! I guess after seeing such depressed looks of this wasted furniture, we will think twice before throwing any object away.

However, Lonesome Town’s art and ability to create such amazing creations deserve all the praise and appreciation. We can also take a fun side out of his art or can start designing our old and broken objects into something more cool rather than wasting them.

Source: Lonesome Town

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