Artist Shows That How Changed Yet Pretty Disney Princesses Would Look If They Lived In Present-Day Of World

Disney Princesses

The Disney Princesses are certainly favourite cartoon characters of many people out there till today’s date. People never get over their childhood Disney movies which for sure made their childhood super exciting and amazing.

Ever wondered how beautiful and changed Disney Princesses would look in today’s time when you have all grown up and time has changed certainly too?

If you didn’t then don’t worry as this artist named Fernanda Saurez did so and not only she imagined it but also illustrated the Disney Princesses according to the present-day fashion.

Fernando Saurez is basically a Chilean digital artist and she started illustration with the Snow White back in the month of July and then later designed six other Disney Princesses according to the current time and its trends.

The Chilean artist is still working on this project of designing and illustrating the Disney Princesses in a way that how they would look if they lived in present-day of this world.

So, we are still waiting for more pretty and awe-inspiring illustrations of the Disney Princesses according to the current time’s trends.

From Cinderella to Belle and from Mulan to Jasmine, all looked super cool in today’s time’s versions and after having a look at these illustrations, we really want to see the Disney Princesses in present-day’s versions in the movies.

1. Mulan

Wooh! Such coolness.

Disney Princesses

2. Cinderella

Adorable as always.

Disney Princesses

3. Jasmine

Badass woman of today’s time.

Disney Princesses

4. Belle

Fearless and strong.

Disney Princesses

5. Ariel

Pretty and stunning.

Disney Princesses

6. Snow White

Innocent yet dauntless.

Disney Princesses

7. Pocahontas

Hottest Disney Princess.

Disney Princesses

As previously we have also seen that an artist repainted different cartoon characters and they looked super amazing.

Now we witnessed some different and more creative approach of this Chilean artist towards the Disney Princesses as she illustrates them according to the present-day fashion and certainly this is one unique idea which deserves to praised.

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