Artists of Both Nations Sing Anthems of Pakistan and India


Soulful! Voice Of Ram is proud to present the VOR Peace Anthem. For the first time, since Independence of both the countries, the national anthems of India and Pakistan is sung by artists of both nations.

Long ago, on 1 January 2010, the two media houses of Pakistan and India, the Jang group of Pakistan and the Times of India joined together hands and came up with a campaign called “Aman Ki Asha”  امن کی آش    अमन की आशा and 

which means ” Hope for peace”.

Even though the campaign “Aman Ki Asha” was started long ago, this piece of art is the real deal which seals peace within the two nations. As a gift to both nations, both Pakistani and Indian singers have joined their voices together and sung the anthems beautifully.


Anthems are those which define countries. South Asia is the only part of the world where national anthems are sung in the morning assembly every day.

Considering that the independence days of both the countries are one after another, Pakistan on the 14th of August whereas India on 15th of August, the team Voice of Ram including Pakistani singers prepared a gift for Pakistan and India both by singing their respective national anthems. The tribute turned out amazing as the singers serenaded the nations with their spectacularly beautiful voices.

Source: urduwallahs

Things like these join people together, if not other causes and campaigns. Such pieces of art should be created more commonly so that there are lesser violence and more peace.

As a female, I would absolutely love it if someone serenaded me with a love song. I am pretty sure that if Quaid-e-Azam were alive he would be dancing with happiness at how people of both nations are trying to bring together their nations with pieces of art such as these.


or as it says down here, “Karachi ki aik qabar yaqeenan aj, khushi se jhoom rahi hogi.”

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