Who Are More Attention Seekers? Girls Or Boys.


I have mostly seen guys complaining over how much attention seeker girls are.

They complain endlessly about how time consuming girls can be and demand a lot of time and attention.

Well that might be the case but even boys are not free of these accusations because


And they are worse than girls when it comes to attention and time.

Take any couple in a relationship.

Most fights would be over not giving enough time hence not giving enough attention.

Both of the said people have their routines and need their space but its up to them how they  work it out.

Understand the boundaries and give enough space.

Girls as they are naturally compromising in nature would compromise over it all and avoid fights.

But as soon as the table turn its the guy that is not getting enough time and attention he would blow a gasket and just loose it entirely.

Now i am not saying that girls are all angles and they don’t have their tantrums they do but well they are girls. *Hides from all the feminist*

Now its up to their guys how they calm them down and sort it all out.

When it comes to attention both partners should now realize how fast paced life has become now a days.

There are lists of things to do and well we all do need some space and time.

Mutual understanding is always important.

And talking things out makes a huge difference.

And Pro tip guys: Just give her a couple of hours of undivided attention and your girl will melt like ice cream on a hot summers day.

All the people out there suffering from this issue should sit back relax and talk it out.

Make each other understand and resolve the issues that arises.

And yes if you can not do that then please avoid relations and enjoy your single life.

As these things leave a scar and hurt a person to the point of breaking.


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