About Iqrazafar

I'm a student of Literature who recently began to write. I've lived all my life in Pakistan and stayed in the USA for a year. I'm a student Journalist and a fictional content writer.

I Saw Him Offering a Prayer To God Before He Was Shot Dead

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I saw it all. When he was taken to a corner for murder, I saw [...]

My Perfect Love That Never Left..

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"I still can't believe it, are you really here? Are you really mine?" I say. [...]

The Letters In My Diary I Will Never Post

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I'm an orphan. My father abandoned us when I was three. He was a drunkard. [...]

Allah’s Mercy

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"Mercy", the term associated with superior races in the West, is a supreme territory of [...]

The illusion Of Eternity.

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It's never too late, they say. Yeah, it's never too late, until you realize that [...]


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My shame has brought me to write this today. I am ashamed of being a [...]

Credit or debit, the choice is yours.

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I woke up light headed today. There was something unknown running in my veins tranquilizing [...]

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