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About Shahbano Sabahet

I am story teller since I was a little girl, I used to surprise and scare my friends, family members and lots of kids with my silly stories. As a youngster I gave them a totally different perspective about difference situations. I never knew till I grew up and started writing short stories that I felt I cannot say in person I had this passion in me to write and send a message across. I feel nothing ever dies you can bring everything very much alive no feelings or person can die here nobody will reject you here and you are free to send your stories and take revenge in print. I love to write what people are unable to say and sometimes you have to risk making a fool out of yourself and it does gives me strength to do all things I am afraid of. A word after a word after a word is power only a writer knows.
30 04, 2017

I Am A Palestanian Kid

2017-04-30T13:31:59+00:00 By |Poems|

I am a Palestinian kid soldiers are trying to get rid My little baby sister was beheaded and two year old  brother gassed with a [...]

11 03, 2017

I Live Inside My Poetry

2017-03-11T13:12:16+00:00 By |Poems|

I live inside my poetry lost within the lines and phrases. I make my poetry dance around playing along the wind, Each line is lonelier [...]

14 02, 2017

Victims Of Abuse

2017-03-03T02:52:20+00:00 By |Articles|

I have been abused and victimized skilfully I was in a fight that was not a fair to the right, I lost my balance and [...]

21 01, 2017

Talking Pictures

2017-01-21T20:56:38+00:00 By |Articles|

taYou shoot pictures while I write. Both are about depth of feelings and not depth of field. You play with angles and light . Just [...]