Ayesha Gulalai, Media Reaction and Rational Thinking


Since the press conference of Ayesha Gulalai, a hype has started on social media about what the underground story is regarding the allegations she put on Imran Khan, the chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaaf.

Now, this is not a matter to make an excuse to pike fun at women or men alike. This is a really sensitive matter and should be dealt as such keeping the judgment aside. This matter demands rationality and non-judgmental thinking. It’s a matter of izzat and ghairat of both a man and women since the character is not something you can say about no matter if it’s if a man or woman, both should be treated equally.

There were many things she talked about in her press conference but the one thing given a MAJOR importance was her allegation on Imran Khan that he sent her inappropriate texts and they all started in October of 2013.

All allegations aside, we should keep our moral values and tarbiat intact. The matter of izzat of some one is not an ephemeral thing, especially for a woman, it’s something that stays with her till her death. We should be careful with our words. We as youngsters should know the difference between right and wrong humour.

Let’s see what the Twitter had to offer:

Yes, she might be an attention seeker, no doubt but talking about her izzat in not a desirable way of a woman to garner attention towards her. Naz Baloch when left the party was given enough attention without having to say things Ayesha Gulalai said.


She said the PTA has the record. Either Pta should jump in or more preferably Imran Khan himself.right?

Haha, tho cracking jokes at the expense of someone’s name are quite lousy but still its better than dirt poking on the character. This is funny!

See? You can be funny without being judgemental.

Ludo star ka Bukhar Sir charh k bolay!

Yes, she should show the text message thread to media now that she took a huge step of putting allegations in front of the whole world and if she can’t Imran Khan should. He will out clean and also will put an end to the shameful allegations on his character. Since matter, if Izzat has equal importance for both man and woman.


As a woman, it is the last resort for a lady to come up with things Ayesha Gulalai came up with.

Can men get that how difficult is it for women to do what she did? No, they never will!

What has happened to her shakal now? Seems like a beautiful and decent lady to me. Or are you poking fun at her shakal because she made her shakal her self? Even if you find a flaw in it, Did you make your shakal with your own hands? Hmm?

Talk with mind right? This is talking with a mind. See the logic. This is something to consider. Why did she wait for 4 years? Since she told about the inappropriate texts, she should also tell about why she waited for 4 years? That is a long long time to wait to come up with something like this.

That’s how you address women? Using this kind of language to address women is stooping to a new low. Speechless!

This is humour now.

Again, here’s some logic.

Phupho doing what she is best at. Putting tarka of mirchi and masla!


Exactly! This is something to ponder upon. When Imran Khan himself is quiet in order to respect the dignity of women, then who are we to do what Imran Khan refuses to do. We should follow the foot steps of our leader and learn from him how to give respect to women.

Phupo g striking again!

What?! We didn’t know that Asma is actually Ayesha!

and what can we say about this

another one

and another one…

There’s one thing that is sure that there is only one person who can put an end to these allegations and come clean out of it and that is none other than Imran Khan and no one else than him.

So, the memes and accusing and throwing more dirt on both Ayesha Gulalai and Imran Khan, we, the future makers of Pakistan, the new generation, should hold themselves in a manner that is respectable and representative of how educated we are.

Humour is one thing and respecting women and other. Know the difference!

Also, hold your judgement till Imran Khan speaks on the matter himself.

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