Badass, Bossy Hareem And More; 6 Notable Points About Parchi – The Film


The trailer of very new Pakistani movie Parchi just came out and it’s very fascinating. The movie is going to be released on 5th January, 2018 and shows the gang of five friends with all the mix of masala and action.


Parchi is directed by Azfar Jafri and it’s producers are Imran Raza Kazmi, Arif Lakhani and Hareem Farooq.

The trailer tells six basic things about the movie that further increases the curiosity. A trailer of almost three minutes covers the whole package in it.

1. Badass, bossy Hareem

Our very own Hareem Farooq has been shown not less than any ruffian. Hareem’s character is of a very badass and savage girl who can deal with any trouble in her own style. It looks like Hareem is the boss lady of boys.



2. From item number to wrap song

Parchi like many other Bollywood and Lollywood movies also got a dance or item number featuring the ever talented Hareem Farooq.

The little glimpse of a song shows the heroine doing amazing dance steps with a beautiful lehenga on.

With an item number, we also got to hear the wrap song from the trailer which is even more catchy.



3. Ali Rehman’s killer looks

With all the beard and long hair style, Ali Rehman Khan looked killer in the trailer. He is basically one of the reasons to watch Parchi. However, the new avatar suits Ali alot, giving him a total gangster look.


4. Osman Khalid Butt – the choreographer

It was assumed that the Wali of Diyar-e-Dil would also be acting in Parchi but he clarified recently that he is just the choreographer of the of the movie.

We know that Osman is one of those actors who know how to set the floor on fire with their super cool moves. This is one of the reasons to keenly observe the dances in the movie.


5. All about gangs and ransom

Parchi comes with a bhatta culture idea and it’s trailer depicts the topic of the movie very clearly; as the name Parchi itself points towards ransom. The film looks an action-packed one with all the thrill and comedy.


6. Ahmed Ali Akbar and Usman Mukhtar

After “Karachi se Lahore” and “Ho Mann Jahaan”, Ahmed Ali Akbar seemed to appear on a big screen in Parchi’s trailer with being ruffian but still managed to be a cutie.


Usman Mukhtar is another amazing actor spotted in the trailer of Parchi and his chemistry with Hareem plus super amazing comedy-filled acting shows that he’s a new emerging star.


The Pakistani movies are now changing the definition of Lollywood which was once showing us the Punjabi work only.

With the time, Pakistani cinema is actually producing some quality stuff with the outclass actors.

Whether it be Hareem from “Dobara Phir Se” or Ali Rehman Khan from Janan, Parchi has all the talented names that will make the movie a super hit.

So, if you haven’t checked the trailer yet and want to watch some thrilled and action-packed film, then watch it asap as it’s not-to-miss one.

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