Here Is Why ‘BARABARI Party’ Had To Establish.



Why “BARABARI”party had to establish? and how people are reacting about it?”

“Uchiyan majan wali akh gyi,” the super hit song by the great singer JAWAD AHMED, I do remember this song and often I use to sing this, we are punjabies, and we love music , JAWAD AHMED was best singer of his era.
From last year’s he lost his interest in music, and didn’t release any of album. though it is a biggest loss for pop music industry , but….Somewhere else he is showing spark in other field mu where??
Last days I heard a statement he gave on the labor day in an international conference that he is going to build a political party the ““BARABARI”“party, did anyone imagined this? Sure no, I mean not me, at least ,but yes “the JAWAD AHMED” did it, he also stated that this Is the party of common man, including everyone in Pakistan politics, may join the “BARABARI”party,
Why “BARABARI “came into being, or their vision…
They said none of parties in Pakistan give attention to the lower class, the poor, or to the common man, they want to establish a country where there is no difference between people, they wanted to give rights food, education, justice, health, without any difference, no more poverty, and no more inequality.
Some questions raised in my mind like, I generally ask people what they think about it and answers are like:
Some of them gave ***** five stars , also
and some gave me these answers, here

a) Do we need a another political party?
b) What does this slogan equality means?
c) Are all people equal? Or equally treated?
d) Equality amongst men only?

1-Here in Pakistan are 384 different parties working now, which are registered in election commission of Pakistan, in America there are only two parties the American republic and democratic party, and our neighbor India also has two biggest parties BJP and Congress, but why so many political parties in Pakistan?

-2 equality means having equal rights, regarding basic needs of human, health, education, justice, food and living, and many opportunities for growing ,every men and women are equal by birth,
no one is equal in this world , some are born to rule and some are born to be ruled, if All this world will loose balance if all get rich and all get poor, It’s the beauty of creation HE wants everyone equal then he HE might give birth equally, i but its not, no one is equal or equally get treated,
-3 not a single women joined by now in “BARABARI” party , just because they think people do not accept women publically that’s y we they refused the entry of women, is it the “ “BARABARI”“ party? They are having trouble getting women participants, they avoid half nation of Pakistan, then what kind of BARABARI?
I am not agreed to the party , but I wish them best of luck, to JAWAD AHMED and their party might they can bring some change in Pakistan hope for best… fingers crossed.

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