Be an Ear, If you Care

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She closed the door inaudibly. Laid down on her comfortable bed, that wasn’t comfy enough for last few days. A futile scuffle of thoughts was screeching her soul every now and then.

Verily, Heartbreaks are excruciating. She had it once before. But, that wasn’t this painful. She felt helpless for the first time. Her alleged lover was threatening her over her morph photos. She couldn’t tell her parents about it. How could she? because the last time she told her parents about her colleague interested in legitimately marrying her, she was brutally retaliated by them. As this what society ordains- Daughter, talking to her parents about marrying someone is SHAMEFUL. She was restrained since then about sharing anything with them. In short, she had no shelter to hide under and seek asylum.

She already had the knife with her, that she took from the kitchen on her way to room. Her mind was numb as she was perplexed about her next step. She rolled her sleeves and decided to end this once and for all. Behind every cut on her hand there was a reason.

Her first cut was for her parents- who raised her and helped her in her fragile childhood, yet were unable to decipher her sudden silence. Next cut was for her society- that consider it a stereotype for a girl to ask her parents to marry her off. Third was for so called “friends”- who would have listen to her for the sake of fake sympathy, yet would bitch about her plight at lunch table with giggles and laughter. Next was for her fate- that bought her to point of no return. Her fifth cut was for that “man”- who was unaware of Karma.

She was losing consciousness yet she managed to made her last but perhaps the deepest cut for her heart- that despite of being broken once, decided to march on the same path again.

Her body was lying in the pool of blood. She died. Like every other being, she reached her asylum which is normal. But, the reason behind her death was NOT. Every other person that played integral role behind her death, showed up on her funeral. They cried for her death and said sympathetic eulogy for her…

Alas! They still didn’t realize she never wanted their tears or words to compensate for her gashed soul. All she ever wanted was AN EAR – that could listen to her plight without judging her or slut shaming her. AN EAR- that could console her and help her to get rid of that burden she was carrying on her shoulder all time long.

If you are a sibling, friend or a parent. Be vigilant about sudden behavioral changes among your loved ones. Be an ear if you truly care for them, so that they may not think of precarious ways to find solace

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