This Is How You Can Best Schedule Your Day.


Every morning when we wake up there are a few things which we have to do on that particular day. Our brain knows it and remembers it but as the day proceeds most of it is left undone. The reason is not because our brain is slow or we are lazy the reason behind this is lack of a “proper routine”. We don’t organize the day as we go along and so most of it remains as it is.

In this article I will share with you the “Perfect Timetable” which you can follow and end your day with maximum productivity.

  1. Morning (5am-7am):

Morning is the best time of the day to brace oneself for the course of the day. Rising up early between 4:30 to 5 is considered ideal as all the genius people used to think and ponder about the day during this golden hour. As you wake up these are the main things one should do:

  • Rise, wash and address powerful goodness
  • Contrive day’s business
  • Take resolution of the day
  • Prosecute the present study
  • Do a healthy and nutritious breakfast


  1. Peak hours (8am-11am):

This is the best time of the day to invest in working. During this phase of the day you need to be very active and efficient as these hours promise maximum productivity. In these hours you should:

  • Work, work and work.


  1. Noon (12am-1pm):

These are the hours you can take a break and relax. Review you work and complete small tasks. During these hours you should:


  • Look over your accounts
  • Dine in for a hygienic lunch


  1. Afternoon (2pm-5pm):

2-5 or back to work hours are there for you to work again and complete all the tasks that were leftover or were not very important. The focus and concentration during these hours get a bit low but it’s alright because you have covered the urgent ones during peak hours. During these hours you should:

  • Work
  • Review the work
  • Complete leftover work


  1. Evening (6pm-9pm):

This is the most favorite part of the day because you can do all the fun stuff during these hours. A person can dedicate these couple of hours to himself and do whatever he likes. A perfect evening would be one in which you have a perfect answer for this perfect question, “What good have I done today?”

  • During these hours you should:
  • Wind up things and put things in their places
  • Dinner
  • Music or diversion, relax, invest in a skill or conversation with friends or family.
  • Examination of the day


  1. Night (10pm-4am):

This part of the day should be completely invested in a sound and deep sleep. Our brain needs some potential rest to perform efficiently for the coming day. This is the time when you can charge your brain and get ready for the upcoming duties.

During these hours you should:

  • Sleep, sleep and sleep

And the day ends. Wake up the next day with a new vibe and energy and welcome your day with this awesome yet simple routine and there you will nail you day. Following this perfect routine your life will take a new start and things will become sorted, organized and easy for you.

I am sure this will help. Cheers!

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