Bhola Record Is Arrested By Gujrat Police For Raping A Girl Of Wazirabad


You guys are well known about Bhola Record as he’s now known. Among those who do not know about him kindly read this article to know the real face of him. He is a goldsmith from Punjab, who went to UAE for carnal fun with prostitutes. Like it generally is with men of his ilk, who are often with little education, shallow brought up and crass tastes, he filmed his time with one of the prostitutes and shared with his friends to show off. It must have been originally feared by Bhola Record, the video clip eventually got leaked and found its way to the social media platforms. The video went viral instantly. In an interview, Bhola Record said for an initial while he sulked in shame but then, to his surprise, he recovered as he found himself thronged with mannish applause and envy.

After his popularity, he also did some tv shows and earn his name.


Uzma name girl of wazirabad reported in police station B devision that Nabeel Akram (bhola record) told me to come for a job at home, and abused. DPO Jahanzeb Nazir Khan took a notice and make a team for investigation under the supervision of DSP Hafiz mohammad imtiaz and SHO Shiraz aziz. Police arrested bhola record in case of raping a girl in 24 hours. But in investigation bhola record said that he is on social media and he is the famous star of facebook and have lots of followers and uzma is one of the follower of him. He also said that this girl (uzma) blame on me, and this blame will be sort out with the help of investigation.



From my point of view, he designate the name of Pakistan all over the world by doing such type of weird videos. it should be stop!!!

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