The Birth Month of Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)


“Rabi ul awwal” is the third holy month for Muslims according to the calendar. Since it is the birth month of our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that’s why it is considered as a blessed month. He came into this world to bring light into our dark lives. He made us modern and taught us literally every single aspect of life. And for this, we cannot be thankful enough to Allah SAW. It’s the time of the year when Muslims celebrate his arrival. They show their endless and infinite love for him. He is not only loved by Muslims but also by So many Non-Muslims.

The question is that is it only about celebrations or should we do more to prove our love for him, something valuable?

Let’s imagine, what if he was among us today or what if he suddenly arrives from somewhere? What would he say? Look at us how miserable lives we are leading. We have espoused so many horrific habits. We have been at odds and fighting since no one knows when not against anyone but ourselves and yet we blame others. This standard of living, that contains most of the forbidden things and we won’t even like to think about even changing a little bit.

We are the luckiest nation. He taught us the concrete definition of being a human, the most beautiful book was sent to us through our beloved prophet (PBUH) and we say conceitedly that we are Ummat-e-Muhammad, for whom he used to stay up whole night and ask forgiveness, for whom he used to weep so much that his eyes used to swell up. Look at us what have we become, Ummat-e-Muhammad was never supposed to be this despicable, miserable and wretched.

In a hadith narrated by ‘Hazrat Aishah about the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) character, she said:

When the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) prayed, he would stand for so long that his feet became swollen. ‘Aishah said: O Messenger of Allah, are you doing this when Allah has forgiven your past and future sins? He said, “O ‘Aisha, should I not be a thankful slave?”

(Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

He continually asked for forgiveness even though he knew he has been forgiven.

If you really love prophet PBUH, do something in the name of humanity, at least try to follow his fundamental teachings. Become a person that Prophet PBUH or anyone from his companionship would approve. Instead of teaching each other the real Islam we should act upon it first. We spend most of our time in telling others that “Oh Man! You are going straight to the hell!”. Who are we to tell anyone where he is going or not. Why can’t we just focus on our lifestyle first? Why are we always judging others? Remember! its Only Allah (SWT) who can judge.


Love is all about obeying and following and If we truly love him we will definitely follow his footsteps. Be grateful for what the Prophet (PBUH) has done to deliver the message of Islam to us. Understand that our faith as a Muslim is not complete until we love the Prophet (peace be upon him) more than any other human being, including ourselves. To love him is to obey him and follow his example truly despite any difficulty that might come in our way. And that is the only way to succeed in this world and also in eternal life.

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