Birthday Girl Suffers Burns Due To Fireball Caused By Hydrogen Balloons And Firework Candle

Hydrogen balloons

Birthdays are deemed as incomplete without might celebrations and lofty decorations. Hydrogen Balloons and firework candles these days are also part of such decorations.

The new trend of using the firework candles at the birthday parties is getting more and more common as they add beauty to the whole environment.

On the other hand, balloons are something without which one can’t think of celebrating his birthday. From years, balloons are the primary part of the decor for the birthdays and they are never skipped when it’s time for the celebrations.

But who knew that the beautiful combination of both the hydrogen balloons and firework candles can be proved so detrimental that it would become dangerous for one’s life and can burn one’s body.

Something similar happened to this birthday girl who suffered severe burns as the hydrogen balloons explode when the firework candle was lit.

Hydrogen balloons

The birthday girl was surrounded by hydrogen balloons as shared by her friends on Facebook according to the Parhlo.

Some people (most probably birthday girl’s friends) were there as well and making videos from their phones to record the super fun birthday celebrations.

The birthday girl was all ready to lit the firework candle and as soon as the candle was lit, it just got caught with the balloon(s) that resulted in a massive fireball which not only caused severe burns to her body but burnt her hair too.

Hydrogen balloons

Hydrogen balloons

Hydrogen balloons

This incident is so, so sad and very heartbreaking; it is horrific at the same time too.

Here’s the video of this incident;

This sad event is also a lesson for so many people who carelessly use firework candles and hydrogen balloons on their big days.

Also, it’s the role of parents, society and government as a whole to produce awareness among people about the harmful results of using hydrogen balloons and firework candles carelessly.

One should take necessary precautions to prevent such horrible and life-threatening incidents.

First of all, it’s better to avoid using firework candles at any occasion and secondly, if you still use them (at your own risk), then make sure that they won’t cause any harm and keep them far, far away from the balloons. Also, use balloons with utmost care or avoid them too.

These preventive measures are essential to take if you don’t want your bestest day to be turned in the worst one.

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