Anger To A Person Is Like Wildfire To A Wood


Anger is always condemned in life and is taken negatively.

We tend to move away from the person who has anger as a major trait in his personality.

Anger to a person is like a wildfire is to woods.

It spreads and burns you alive.

Not only oneself but other around him too.

During Ramadan I have noticed how people try their hardest to control anger.

Yet at various points they fail.

They end up screaming and shouting.

Even slamming doors and locking ourselves up in rooms.

I always wonder why is it so?

Because we say anger comes because of the devil.

But when the devil is warded off why is it that anger takes over us?

This makes me realize how the fault is not in the devil but in ourselves.

We just need somebody to blame for our faults and devil or satan becomes our perfect target.

Yes the devil is to blame but we are wrong too.

And this is not just when it comes to anger.

It affects all aspects of life.

Us humans find the need to put the blame of our wrong doings on others.

Rather than manning up and taking the blame.

And that is just wrong.

If this Ramadan we are on the path of rectifying ourselves than we must shed some light on our behaviors and our own doings.

Stop playing this blame game we play and own up to our mistakes.

Not only own them up but also ask for forgiveness.


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