Why To Blame Only Girl When It Comes To Physical Relationship Before Marriage?


Once again cruising through my facebook i came across this article.

An article titled ..

‘An open letter to all the girls and boys who get physically attached before nikkah.’

An Open Letter To All The Girls And Boys Who Get Physically Attached Before Nikkah

This article was submitted to Parhlo pink under ‘Your Voice” section and hence they mentioned their disclaimer at the very top.

Now when you go through this article you would clearly see how wrong it sounds.

You would see how the writer has made it all a fault of a girl.

How the writer basically blames the female population for tempting men.

Whereas it is not like that.

It is a two way thing.

Not only the girl is to blame but the boy too.

First of all if you are condemning being physical you should also condemn the relationship that even blooms.

As when there is a relationship things are bound to happen.

It is not always about intercourse.

Even holding hands, laying heads on shoulder and even thinking about the other person in some way is absolutely wrong.

These things often end up happening when one is not even in a relationship but just as mere friends.

And i will again say

Not every time a girl is to be blamed.

It takes two to tango.

Even if a girl is tempting you, seducing you, where is your own self control?

Men take pride in being strong but are they only strong physically?

Don’t they know how to say no?

They say girls are physically weak yet can’t they just push her and walk away?

But obviously why would they miss such a golden opportunity?

When it comes to girls, Yes i admit that they can be vixens.

But does a guy listen to the NO that comes out of girls mouth?

Does a guy respect that simple yet strong word NO?

No they don’t.

When two people are in a relationship their being physical is often mutual and we outsider should condemn it but not just blame a single party.

I agree to the part where writer mentions how when a girl gets physical with one guy nothing else matters to her.

I agree because it is true but that still does not mean that you blame the girl.

A person tends to do stupid things when in love.

I appreciate how in the conclusion writer tells guys to not just leave the girl hanging after being physical.

How not to start ignoring her and leave her.

If you are looking for a purely physical relationship be upfront about it.

Be open about it.

Even if it is wrong i strongly agree to the statement that

‘Honesty is the best policy.’

Boys as well as girl should respect and listen to the word NO.

Despite being in a relationship they have no right to force them on each other.

Both should respect each other and wait till marriage.

A guy should take a proper Rishta to the girl’s home and ask for her.

That is how it should be but if.

If before all this you do get physical,

Which i for one know happen easily when you are in love and in a relationship,

Accept it as a mutual understanding if it isn’t then take a stand for it.

But no matter what you do nobody,

I mean Nobody has the right to blame the being physical aspect all on the female population.


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