Blast From The Past: Throwback To Student Life Of Some Of Your Fav Celebs

Student life

The most beautiful, fun and memorable time of anyone’s life is certainly his student life. From school to college and then to university, being student is all fun and life without worries.

You don’t worry about your any expense as till you are not fully educated, your parents are here to fulfil your every need; from shoes to socks and from hair brush to perfume, parents make sure nothing should be missed.

Just like everyone else, celebrities around the world also go through the phase of student life which might be memorable for them as well.

Pakistani celebrities are also no different and have been part of the phase of being student too. We have seen many, acting as students on the screen but little do we know about their real student life.

Today, we thought to give you some glimpses from the past where your favourite celebs were students just like all of us.

From Imran Abbas to Ayesha Omer and from Ali Zafar to Fawad Khan, we have got the clicks of student life of most of the famous people of Pakistan.

So, here’s to student life of the celebs.

1. Sanam Jung

Student life

Convocation day’s shenanigans. And without a doubt, this lady is all-time cutie as she has this innocence from the very start.

2. Ayesha Omer

Student life

Throwback to the days when our Khubsoorat was the student of NCA, Lahore. To be honest, she has got style and a look from the beginning.

3. Fawad Khan

Student life

The superstar of today has got Tere Nam’s haircut in his student life which is er, only Salman Khan’s thing.

4. Ali Zafar

Student life

With all the innocence and class, Ali Zafar looks just like an obedient nice student. The man is surely a great singer and has got amazing acting skills too. Btw, who knew back then that this boy will be singing and creating magic with his songs like Jhoom and Jugnoo.

5. Ayeza Danish

Student life

The ever decent and classy actress is favourite of many and looked the same in her student life as she looks today.

6. Maya Ali

Student life

From Aik Thi Cinderella To Sanam, Maya Ali kept on grooming herself. Her student life was just like others as super cute and here she looks more like the role she played in Dur-e-Shehwar as Sanam Baloch’s younger sister.

7. Mawra Hocane

Student life

Mawra Hocane looks no different in her student life but yes, now she’s much mature and this obviously happens with the time.

8. Imran Abbas

Student life

Everyone’s all-time favourite Imran Abbas looks such a nice guy in this photo when he was a student of architecture at Natonal College of Arts, Lahore.

9. Ahad Raza Mir

Student life

Our very own Dr. Asfandyar looks all happy and calm in this photo from most probably his convocation day of the student life. Here, he looks more like Asfi of Yakeen Ka Safar during his medical studies’ days.

However, just like our favourite celebrities we all must have at least one picture of our student life that reminds us about those good old days when life was all about being tensed on low grades and being happiest on receiving a trophy.

Photos Via: Pakistani Drama Celebrities

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