Blessed is the night of 15th Shaban


As the days pass, and we remain frustrated in our lives… the only urge of finding peace is accomplished with when it comes to faith. When it comes to sujood. When it comes to relying all ourselves just in front of the one and only Almighty Allah.









“Blessed is the night of 15th Shabaan when your affairs are held in front of Allah, so may He forgive the guilty and grant hidayah to the misguided”
Do you know the difference between the people who would enter paradise and who would enter hell ? Both of them would be sinners but the once who entered paradise are the ones who repented again and again as being a human Allah does not ask us to be perfect but to keep trying. Again and again.







So on this blessed night, when your account is given to Allah and your deeds are weighed, we are given again a chance to seek His mercy and Forgiveness.
1. Pray your prayers all on time with your heart fully overwhelmed in front of Him as we do not hide anything from Him and He knows what is in the deepest corner of your hearts.
2. Shabaan is also the month when our Prophet SAWS fasted the most. So continue his SAWS’ sunnah.
3. Recite Quran, for on the day of judgement it will protect its readers from the sharp light of the sun and the punishments.
4. Spread positivity all around and do as many good deeds. No matter how small. This blessed month before Ramadhan is your ticket to a better a Ramadhan, benefit from it as much as you can for who knows when again this period would come or not ?!






In this blessed month, on this blessed night, may Allah listen to your heartily prayers and may He forgive the ocean of your sins and write your name amongst the once who would be called by the gates of Jannah to enter.
Ameen ya Rabb ul alameen.

And in your prayers, count a little for us too. 

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