From Blissful To Bruised Face, Serbian Woman Showed Life Of Domestic Abuse Victim By Taking Photo A Day Till One Year

Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse is a common ugly practice around the world. Everyday, women suffer from violence and there are many domestic abuse victims in every town, every city and every country, sadly.

A video posted on the media years before most probably but passed through our eyes recently and it’s one influential thing you should watch to spread the message of averting the domestic abuse.

Reportedly, there is a Serbian woman who is a domestic abuse victim and she every day used to take her photo to show the life of a domestic violence victim for one year.

From beautiful, happy and confident face, as days passed, the woman’s face is filled with nothing but deep marks of bruises and sadness all over her face.

Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse

The woman complied the photos of one year in a video and posted it by captioning it “a photo a day, worst year of my life.”

Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse

The video though at one end is painful and devastating while at the other end it’s very influential and betrays the ugly reality of the lives of the domestic abuse victims.

However, it’s been also said that the marks of bruises on the woman’s face in the video are actually made with the make-up and video is made only to raise awareness among people about how traumatic domestic abuse is and how its victims suffer badly.

Whatever the truth is, the video is powerful and quite an eye-opener that how ugly and painful it is to suffer and tolerate the abuse and that this distressing practice should stop now.

Many women’s lives are being disturbed when they enter the abusive relationships where their partners beat them who were actually supposed to love them.

Victims of the domestic abuse are mostly women and there are many cases where women don’t leave but tolerate the abuse due to the fear of the future consequences that how a woman will survive after leaving.

But hey you all the girls out there, tolerating the tyranny (domestic abuse is no different from any form of cruelty) is never a solution but speaking up and leaving is.

Yes, leaving will be tough but better than the abuse you had been gone through. Try to fight back harder by reporting against your macho and never ever blame yourself for his abusive behaviour. And all the machos out there, just stop it, stop the abuse for God’s sake.

However, this woman by making a super influential video took “photo-a-day” thing to a whole new level and showed many people, a way, as how to raise your voice against the domestic abuse.

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