Body Shaming in Asian Society


There is been a long history of people bullying each other over how they look and appeal, this is what we call Body Shaming. Unfortunately we all do this whether we are living in European society or an Asian society. It is all over the world. No matter how wonderful and beautiful you are from inside people judge you on the basis of externalities but still this phenomena is comparatively more dominant in our Asian society. People now a days have their own ideals whom are perfect especially in looks so they expect a real human being to be like their ideals. This is our generation’s problem that we are never satisfied with what we have and what others have too. We bully everyone on the basis of their weight, height and complexion and if when we go beyond, we bully for not having sharp features which are highly desirable according to the beauty standards. In Pakistan especially you are beautiful only when you have a body like Katrina kaif, smile and height like Deepika Padukone and complexion like Kareena Kapoor. We can not only blame this generation for setting up this criteria but also our elders who very much have the same mindset. The most common lines of Pakistani’s are Kitni Rotiyan khati/khatay ho, Moti/Mota hai to rishta nai hoga! , Gym join kar lo! Fairness cream use kia karo! Tumhari Height itni kam kyun reh gai? Kuch khaya peeya karo, Zara kam khaya karo, Fair&lovely use karo etc. These lines are not merely just lines, these lines places huge impact on people’s mind. It destroys their self-esteem completely because this MOTA, PATLA, KALA, GORA, HEIGHTED AND SHORT is not in our hand. God has created us this way and we should learn to be happy with what we have. If everyone was given a chance to design their own selves, I am pretty sure that nobody would made him/herself less beautiful or handsome than Jennifer Lawrence or Chris hemsworth. Making ourselves is not in our hand so we should stop bullying people over their looks. Most of the time people who are completely happy with the way they look are bullied and discouraged by other people, they make sure that they have done well in discouraging and demotivating others. They are those people who themselves are not happy and satisfied with their own self and they don’t let others to get satisfy with their looks. Sadly our whole Asian Society have this disease of thinking themselves superior while dominating others. We give a lot of “free ki advices” to make other person feel worse about his/her life.

This phenomena does not end here the common lines which all of us had to listen when we are searching for a life partner in short for (Rishta) is what is your height? How much fair the girl or a boy is? How old are you, if you are above 30 you must be ugly! Are you fat or slim because my son likes a girl like Katrina Kaif!  Naak mota to nahi? Ankhein bari hain? Apki beti/beta dekhnay mein kesay hain?

No one ever asks about what kind of a person your daughter or son is? How honest he/she is? How talented and well-mannered he/she is? What kind of a nature he/she has? People often forget the fact that if you want a girl like katrina kaif you must also be a boy like Ranbir Kapoor. It should be from both sides.

The question arises here why are we so obsessed with Smart body, long height, fair complexion and sharp features? Is this because it appeals to everyone and that’s what matters because we are “show off” and we want to show to our friends and family that we have the most beautiful girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife on this whole planet? This reflects our society’s mind set that we only love body instead of other person’s heart or soul. people do not love others, they lust others because people like their bodies not the person him/herself And we judge everyone on this criteria. On the other hand we see people want a true love in their life but they that true love should be hot? Right? Even if it punches you in the face, as long as it is hot, we’ll bear it?


People believe that their ideals and their true love will only be found in perfect shapes? But think again it might not be true. Creating Body is not in our hand but appreciating it is in our hands. Why discourage others when we ourselves are not perfect? Say no to Bullying and Body shaming all over the world. No matter how fat/thin, heighted/shortened or dark/fair you are, you should be a nice human being and that’s what should matter. You are a master of your own fate don’t let others lead it. If people reject you over the fact that you don’t fulfill the beauty criteria then move on and let them die in search of true love or perfect mate. Be confident and be who you really are!


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