What Capricorns Say And What They Actually Mean


The most ambitious of the zodiac signs is none other than the passionate Capricorn. Those born between 22nd December to 19th January share this star sign. Capricorns are the most career driven and diligent people on the earth.

Capricorns have these leadership qualities as they are very responsible and know how to make right decisions. Not to forget that Capricorns are one of the most stubborn people and can argue till they are proved right. They are always right, btw.

From being hard-working to energetic and from being highly reserved to most inexpressive, Capricorns are surely the introverts.


This zodiac sign is best at hiding their true emotions and hardly share a strong emotional connection with anyone. They don’t trust people easily and never let anyone see their true side except for some deserving close fellows.

However, here are somethings which Capricorns say but they actually mean something else. Mysterious people, to be honest.

1. I don’t like/love you at all.”

Since, we already mentioned that Capricorns don’t reveal their true emotions mostly; so, they will hardly tell their loved ones that they love them. Most of the time, they will tell their closed ones that they don’t love them but don’t trust Caps at this. They actually mean that they love you more than you can imagine.


2. Leave it!”

By saying leave it, Caps actually mean that they don’t want to waste their time with you by arguing because ultimately you won’t understand. This also means that they are really pissed at times and want to leave a conversation.


3. I don’t care.”

Oh well! This is something one hears quite frequently from a Capricorn. Phrases like “I don’t care”, “I don’t give a dime”, etc are most used by the Caps. But the plot twist is that by saying that they don’t care, Caps actually mean that they really don’t care. ROFL!

Yes, this is something Caps actually mean and there is nothing they hide about. Caps really don’t care about anything. There are very rare things that can bother a Capricorn but they never make a big deal out of it even and try to overcome it.


4. “I don’t get mad at anyone.”

In their “idc” attitude, Capricorns make sure to let everyone know that nothing can affect them and they don’t get upset or mad at anyone. But hold on if you are a bff or a closed one of a Capricorn; as they might get mad at you, really mad, when you actually piss them off.

It’s hard to make a Capricorn mad but when they get mad, it takes days and months to get them back on line. They are very stubborn and hard to deal with most of the times. The fun part is even being badly mad at you, Caps will tell you, “Haha! No I am not mad at you. Relax!” Fantastic actors, yeah?


5. I don’t miss anyone.”

Being totally unemotional, Capricorns don’t express their emotions easily and tightly close them within a corner of their heart. They will tell you that they didn’t miss you a little even but if you are their closed one, then they are lying certainly. They did miss you very bad but will never ever tell you that right at your face.


From being highly self-sufficient to totally independent in every case, Capricorns are not easy to deal with. It takes years to impress a Cap and sometimes you might fail. With high standards in everything, Capricorns aim big, achieve big and live a big life.

You are really special if you have a Cap in your life as they are totally keepers. From being extremely inexpressive to perfectly self-absorbed, Capricorns do hide their true emotions but when it comes to love someone in a real way, they are totally loyal ones. It just takes the right person to figure out the hidden meanings in what a Capricorn says.

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