Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Sisters Before Misters.

When i was young like really really young Allah blessed my with siblings. Just after 11 months i was born my baby brother came into my life and suddenly i was the big sister. It was...

Killing A Part Of Yourself.

There was a time that I was an avid dairy writer but then one day I found out my mom was reading them all. I stopped writing. I felt so lost that I started writing again...

Searching For Inspiration.

As a writer sometimes it gets really difficult to find the inspiration to write. While some days you are hit with this huge train of words, Some days you are a blank canvas. Morning is my...


I, usually the introvert i am, decided to attended a party on my friends insistence a few days back. Me and my friends all dressed up and felt free for once as we knew...

This Is How It Feels When You Don’t Answer Her Text

'Awake?' A text sent at 4 a.m but was just delivered and not seen until the sun peeked its head out. I had always wondered why people are so devastated with a text that goes unseen...

Lessons Learned Hard

Long ago a wise king ruled the kingdom of Damora. He was respected by all because of his knowledge. Unfortunately, the king had only one son whom he named after his warrior grandfather, Remora....
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