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14 02, 2017

Lessons Learned Hard

2017-05-04T15:48:52+00:00 By |MiniTales, Must Read|

Long ago a wise king ruled the kingdom of Damora. He was respected by all because of his knowledge. Unfortunately, the king had only one [...]

11 05, 2016


2016-09-03T15:35:24+00:00 By |MiniTales, Poems, Urdu|

اضطراب مسلسل دل میں اک اضطراب ہے کے اس کو منزل پانے کی چاہ ہے بھلاے بیٹھا ہے یہ دنیا ساری کہ یہ تو فقط [...]

9 05, 2016


2016-09-03T14:52:06+00:00 By |MiniTales, Poems|

  Love transcends the death But that's contingent upon sincerity Connection is unbreakable If it is free from selfishness Getting what you desire is not [...]