You Should Check RN These 10 Very Real And Funny Quotes From 3 Idiots

3 Idiots

3 Idiots is one of those Bollywood movies that are so relatable to real life and similarly make people learn many things.

The most important subject of this movie was to not to burden children with your own career choices, not to impose on them what you want them to be.

It’s very common in desis that as soon as their child is born, they decide to make them either doctor or engineer.

“Mera beta engineer banega.”

“Meri beti doctor banegi.”

That’s how things take place among brown people. The very soul of the 3 Idiots is to not to pressurize your child to become some engineer if he wants to be a photographer, not to make your child a doctor if she wants to be a fashion designer.

This coercion in the career choices of the children only make them a worst engineer or a doctor who has lots of regrets of not becoming a photographer or a designer.

Amir Khan played the role of that intelligent guy who doesn’t care about grades but about getting more knowledge and real concept of the things. This eventually made him a great scientist after whom is the topper of class to get a deal signed by the mighty scientist.

This film also throws light on the subject of just learning the lessons without getting its concepts and how this is the worst side of our educational system.

Apart from serious lessons on life, the film has got lots of humour and even very serious things are wrapped in a covering of wit to have a great impact.

3 Idiots

3 Idiots has got good music with amazing lyrics too and the lines, the dialogues of the movie are way too fantastic as well.

Though there were many worth sharing dialogues in the movie but we have gathered few best of the best quotes from the film to get some dose of laughter and a reality check as well.

1. Like yes, it happens when a friend is at the top and you… right at the bottom

3 Idiots

“Dost fail ho jaye toh dukh hota hai, lekin dost first aa jaye toh ziyada dukh hota hai.”

2. As we run after success without having the recipe to succeed

3 Idiots

“Bacha kaabil bano, kaabil, kamyaabi toh saali jhak maar kay peeche bhagey gi.”

3. Baap > exam

3 Idiots

“Exam toh bahut hote hain, baap mostly aik hi hota hai.”

4. When Raju’s mom was all filled with complaints, complaints and complaints

3 Idiots

“Bari duvidha thi, dost ko sambhalte kay dost ki maa ke ansoon ponchtey, phir hum ne socha hatao yaar! Mattar paneer pe concentrate karo.”

5. When Rancho explained “how to teach” to Virus

3 Idiots

“Main toh aap ko yeh parha raha tha kay, parhate kaisey hain.”

6. Some real crap that happens here

3 Idiots

“Ajeeb desh hai hamara, pizza tees minute mein puhuchne ki guarantee hai, lekin ambulance?”

7. When finally Raju was all confident

3 Idiots

“Dono taangein turwa kay apney pairon pe khara hona seekha hai.”

8. It takes guts

3 Idiots

“Aap apni naukri rakh lijiye, main apna attitude rakh leta hoon.”

9. We believe Virus here btw

3 Idiots

“Life is a race. Taiz nahi bhago ge toh koi tume kuchal kar agey nikal jyga.”

10. The irony in one dialogue summarizes 3 Idiots

3 Idiots

“Mera beta engineer banega.”

However, even after years, one can never get bored of watching this movie again and again. From real life lessons to some very hilarious dialogues to amazing quotes, 3 Idiots is an ever gold piece.

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