Child Maid Tortured In Gharida Farooqi’s House And This Is Not Acceptable



How we hear and consider that the courts,judges,police,bureaucrats,media and journalists are law providing authorities and help in bringing law and order. They keep check and balance and makes sure that everything is being done in the measures of safety and merit. Also,we see that its their duty to check that everyone is following and keeping the Islamic laws and teachings of Quran and Prophet (S.A.W)  and keeping moral and Islamic values intact.

But guess what? The above mentioned definitions of these designations are now only limited to dictionary,at least in Pakistan!

One such incident just took place in which a child maid was tortured and not only that but was also FORCEFULLY being kept into he house and the return of her to her parents was denied. LIKE??? can you even deny the parents their right if seeing their kids or wanting to take them back with them?

And Thr journalist who was holding a maid girl hostage at her house is…GHARIDA FAROOQI!!

Yes! And who doesn’t know her?? She is one of the most popular t.v. anchors and reporters and was also a news caster at GEO and ATV.

Not only yours but our senses were also stunned to know that GHARIDA FAROOQI is keeping a maid girl hostage and also torturing her. We could not believe our eyes as well!!

An audio has also surfaced containing the dialogue between Gharida Farooqi and a women who seems to be the one who provides girls as maids to families and feels like the contractor between the families of girls and those who want maids.

According to it,it feels like that the woman was trying to negotiate with Gharida Farooqi and trying to convince her to give the girl back to her parents since she was not allowing them to meet their daughter alone even at her house and was completely denying to let the girl go but the parents were afraid that the life of their daughter was in danger and also there were bruises on the body of the girl the last time they took her with them.

The woman was trying her best to persuade Gharida FAROOQI to let the parents take the girls away with them and this had been continuing over the past few days and Gharida Farooqi either was not allowing them to meet her totally or was sitting with them the whole time they were talking to their daughter.

This led the parents to the office of Bahria town where Gharida Farooqi as their last resort but this only added fuel to Gharida Farooqi’s anger n infuriated her even more.

After this,she told the women that she won’t let the girl and to do whatever they can in their power and when the women said about seekimg the media’s help,this set  Gharida Farooqi on fire and she started abusing the woman and calling her filthy names. And asked them to refund the .money she spent on girls food and necessities.

This is just ridiculous to ask for a refund of the basic human needs and rights you provided your workers with.

As nothing could cool Gharida Farooqi down and the patents had to finally take the help of police and they found Sonia at her house n was finally free. But this case is not closed yet.

The name of the girl is Sonia and is said to be 15 year old. So,this while incident also comes under child labour along with child abuse.

The girl deserves to have justice and to ensure that she is served the justice she deserves the government and NGO’s should also take notice and aid in t the provision of justice to set an example for future.

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