Being a gentleman isn’t about what you do, or what you wear, its about how you behave and who you are? The world today seems to applaud boyish behaviour and true gentlemen are becoming more of a rarity. Social standing and success seem to be based upon what you own and what you wear rather than how you carry yourself through life and what you have achieved. All of this got me thinking do gentlemen still have a place in today’s world?
Boyish behaviour is being widely accepted and it is more common in adults which is acceptable in adult period but after adult period it is referred as unacceptable, offensive behaviour, because the promotion of displaying dominancy leads to crime such as sexual assault, including rape and domestic violence.
Women of today’s society are much more independent and stronger than before, they have become competitive due to increased scrutiny and scarcity of top leadership positions for women because workplaces are male dominated. Apparently traditional stereotypical roles of women are rarely observed. Women don’t want to be controlled but on the other hand they also complain about lack of support and security. As I mentioned above that gentlemen are becoming rare and they have no place in this modern era is because displaying dominance is promoted, men show aggression towards women when they are unable to achieve something, they misuse their physical power to suppress women. And in this world full of competition men can do anything to achieve whatever they want even by criminal means so it is right for a women to complain that she is not secure and is not supported. But if from the beginning of violence and boyish behaviour was to be demoted, women wouldn’t have complained because gentlemen won’t control women at all. He’s a one girl man and he himself knows his responsibility over his girl which includes being supportive. If his girl is still complaining he would assure her that he is always with her. Genuine gentlemen never give their girl a reason to complain. There are also few men which condemn violence against Women, but this thing is visibly invisible or is neglected due to few uneducated males, genuine gentlemen don’t get enough credit or aren’t appreciated but are bound to listen to the harsh statements including that “All men are same”.


In the era of competition and dominancy, neither are women ready to bend as per nature, nor are men ready to accept their responsibility as per nature. Complaining and campaigning has rather become a trend instead of acting and accepting like an adult to create an actual difference and an actual effect.

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