The word dajjal is an Arabic word derived from “dajl” which means deception or “lie”. In Quran we find no where the word “dajl” or any related word derived from it and terms like deception, guile and treachery are replaced with words other than this.

The concept of guile is so profound in Islam that we can infer many genre of “dajjals”, first and prime of them being the world we live in. In Quran we find at certain places that Allah (swt) has, in transparent words, called this worldly life as a mere camouflage concealing its reality by glamorizing itself by apparent adornment and in recent past the sudden explosion of knowledge has made this mundane world more beautiful. The outburst of scientific knowledge resulting in advancement of life syle at individual level has made life worth living for many people. In this way we have lost the purpose of our life and Satan seems to have been successful in this regard i.e. straying human beings to his best possible level.

By analyzing different Ahadith it is also unclouded that different claimants of false prophet hood will appear time to time and all of them are considered as dajjals, this process of pretentious, forged and so called “prophets” had been started since last days of our blessed Prophet Muhammad (saw). But the greatest deceiver, ”Al Masih ad Dajjal”, or “The Antichrist”, is the one warned by every prophet including ours and who is anxiously awaited by the Jewish community.


In the midst of all this we should analyze why Jews are lingering over Dajjal. As history reveals children of Israel were promised to receive a prophet who, after their downfall, will uplift their status morally and socially and will again restore their lost dignity as a nation, for the children of Israel were utterly blessed by Allah Almighty and had the most prophets numerically in their race, they considered themselves God’s favorite nation. After a long period of suffering they again were honored by the arrival of another prestigious prophet, blessed is his name that is Jesus Christ (pbuh). Jews due to their perverted nature accused The Prophet of being (nauzbillah) an illegitimate child and schemed to quell him. As, at that time Jews were ruled by the Romans but had power of attorney granted by the Romans for their particular territory they had to persuade Roman Emperors about the (false) treachery report about Prophet Jesus to get Him persecuted. Jews became successful when they convinced the Romans that revolt was set up against them by a scanty group of people (i.e. followers of Prophet Jesus’). In gaining this position, was help offered by the betrayal of one of Prophet Jesus disciples. This account has been briefed in Gospel of Barnabas. Eventually according to them and Christians, Prophet Jesus was crucified, but we know neither was he crucified nor killed. The space for a divine messiah is vacant for Jews and this void, they believe, will be filled by Dajjal. So the story behind calling Dajjal as Antichrist was necessary to introduce in this context.

Additionally I would like to say that even though Dajjal has not appeared to the world as a person but his effects and preparations for his arrival are keenly being done by the Jewish community.


Coming events cast their shadows before. True stands this saying and we see the globe entrapping by Jewish controlled New World Order which actually is Jew world order, the major subjects of their interest are Democracy; which actually means power of sovereignty belongs to the majority people and people themselves are lawmakers, subtly excluding divine sovereignty and shifting powers of decision to the parliament and ensuring God Almighty stays away from their business of policy making. In short making mini pharaohs out of people who need no God, to guide them and leading to the idea of freedom and liberty.

Speaking of freedom, comes their second plot which now is a worldwide polynymous campaign which they started by calling it Women Lib. As the name suggests the idea exudes that men and women are equal in every aspect. This theory has led to the disastrous effects and westerners are suffering from serious chaos but penetration of this is so deep it is hard to recover its effect. Strive for the attainment of the purpose is so keen that any recognized country remaining untouched by its effect is now far from reason. This unnatural attempt has created serious ethical issues like homosexual marriages, equating sex workers with normal labor and providing them equal rights as laborers do, attempts have been made to legalize it, living relationships leading to illegitimate child births etc. Lastly comes highly successful plot by Jews that is triumphantly and actively running throughout the world i.e. promotion of usury which is making fiscal loans that immorally prospers the lender. We know that in Islam it is one of the gravest sins yet in Christianity it was fully abandoned in the Papal era (i.e. reign in which pope is held the head of office:-Roman Catholic Church) but Pope Officials at that time banned books which they thought were immoral and heretical, one such example of this orthodox belief is the burning of a famous Italian astrologer philosopher Giordano Bruno, who was burned at the stake tried for heresy by the Roman Inquisition on charges including his pantheism and denial of core Catholic doctrines. Additionally he was also charged for his beliefs on cosmology and philosophy, It is a renowned incidence and is believed as a milestone in history for freedom of speech as many regarded Bruno as the martyr for science and stood against his conviction. Trails against education’s spread started creating hate against Papacy followed by hatred towards religion. Further I’d like to add that Prophet Adam (pbuh) was the first human being created by Allah Almighty so Prophet Adam (pbuh) had the entire knowledge nut shelled in himself that the human race could ever gain, this can be explained by a simple parable i.e. a seed of a fruit contains all the elements it would show up but with the gradual span of time similarly all the acquired knowledge was condensed in Prophet Adam (pbuh) and still today is in the process of manifestation and dispersion, when God Almighty gave the amazing ability of understanding to humans with that gave one eye of spiritual and ethical sense of seeing the world. When shift of emphasis started to move from ethical side to educational side (only), who once were going side by side and human race was succeeding in both moral and technological development (as in Muslim golden age from 786-809), humans started to view the world with only eye opened since then humans have only developed scientifically and spiritual and moral issues are gone forgotten.


Lastly I would like to merge the essay with  the topic of dajjal as he will be the one having power over the forces of nature and the reports we get about dajjal from authentic Ahadiths are in complete agreement with the sustaining idea about dajjal. I will quickly point out important features of dajjal that we frequently hear around. We are not quite sure about whether he is a jin or a human being nonetheless he would be the chief most disciple of Satan (the cursed Iblis) who would entrap the globe by his distinct abilities.  From this point I will only compare his reports according to hadiths and will relate it to modern sciences. As mentioned he will travel each and every town of the world in around 40 days and will be having a donkey as means of mobility having a span of forty hands between his two ear , recently the invention of aeroplane has proved the concept of fast travelling and we can understand easily the terms which in past were intricate. It is said that his voice will be heard by all lying between east and west, by the advancement of communication technologies it is not hard to imagine how it will be possible. It is interesting to note that he will be possessing somewhat similar phenomenal powers that Prophet Jesus (pbuh) had e.g. healing leprosy and returning dead to life. He will tear apart a person into two and again will form one being out of it. Today the biological process of cloning is researched and worked upon keenly and we know that it is now not a miracle to produce two exactly alike people, It is now possible to extract cells from skeleton of the dead and recreate exact dead person, only that this technique is prohibited to be experimented upon humans but we are not sure about future. It is also said that there will be devils roaming around dajjal who, when needed will be made similar to the forefathers of people to make people believe he has resurrected the dead and that he is their deserving Lord. I would put an end to this by finally pointing towards the Last World War formally reffered to the Armagadon, the bloodiest of the wars is yet to come and it has been started as we see frequent massacres of unguilty people and world entrapped in Jewish hands. The following evidence will support the point as it clearly mentions war to be started just before few days before 9/11, it has been taken from the famous newspaper “The Philadelphia Trumpet” ,editor Gerald Flurry and it says…………



The Last Crusade

Most people think the crusades are a thing of the past—over forever. But they are wrong. Preparations are being made for a final crusade, and it will be the bloodiest of all!




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