Concept Of Individualism In Pakistan


The word individual means being an independent person who is rational, self sufficient and are able to express his thoughts to the world freely without any fear. This word individualism is not merely just a word, it represents how a normal person lives his life and what pattern he follows, either he is living in suffocation by not expressing his ideas and thoughts due to the fear of being hated or either he is able to express himself freely. There are two extreme sides in the concept of Individualism in Pakistan, at one side there are certain people who have full authority to express themselves freely without any fear of bearing consequences for that and than there is a second side of this concept which is so cruel that a common man can not express himself and can be murdered for that. If we look at this concept can we really say that Pakistan is a country where we have full access to our rights? or can we really say that individualism exists in Pakistan? lets take an example Mashaal Khan, after that incident we can clearly see where do we stand when it comes to Individualism. Here we can not blame anyone but the society which stops us  from excising our rights not in just one way but in every way possible. The main problem lies in our thoughts ,we believe that we are a collectivists but unfortunately collectivism is totally different from how we perceive it. Collectivists focus on communal, societal, or national interests in various types of political, economic and educational systems, they work together for the betterment of the country, they do not kill each other for being different or being an individual.

Sadly we as a nation do not lie in both categories because being an individual does not portray that a person hates being with his parents, friends and family. It simply means that a person has full authority over his life as he is rational and are able do decide for himself, he is not bound to the social acceptance. Individualism is a part of our growth, it gains significant importance as we move forward because after a certain time specially after crossing teen age people become more mature and they want to hold their own fates, instead of being a follower they want to become a leader of their own live’s just like Mashaal khan.  We can intervene in someone’s life and make objections over his thoughts. Forcing someone is either not collectivism or individualism. ” let live the person like an individual and do work with him as a collectivist”. Our society really needs to change their perceptions regarding both of the concept as both of them do not have a strong ground and that is why we as a nation lacking behind so many other nations.

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