Credit or debit, the choice is yours.


I woke up light headed today.
There was something unknown running in my veins tranquilizing all my pain and negativity I possess for this world, and pouring a warmth in my soul I had always longed for.
Then it hit me suddenly. As much as I need positivity in my life, this world does too.
Remember that kid from school who always stood first? Weren’t we envious? Didn’t we want to stand in his place and receive all that love and appreciation?
Similarly, if we spread the good deeds of people around us, not only will it create an air of appreciation but also motivate others to perform the same deeds.
I have made this my new year resolution, and so can you, that from now on I’ll try my best to find the goodness in little things around us. Our society sure needs changes and betterment, but first of all it needs optimism. From now on I’ll use all means I can as a platform to make at least someone’s day better. I’ll refrain from all the negativity that I might previously have poured in someone’s life. Because I remember how badly I wanted that first position.
In that small class room there could only be one winner, but in the long run we come across numerous chances to be that winner. We all can win. The real victory is the togetherness of the victors.
This is how we win our battles. Not only through a clear conscience but also through the satisfaction that we’ve at least played our part in changing the world. The only responsibility we have in transforming the world into an eden is changing ourselves.
I know people will eventually imitate the optimistic approach, For it filled me with a light previously unknown.
We need to stop blaming and criticizing, and we need to initiate comforting, appreciating and embracing.
Start with a simple smile at your mom, it’s not that hard, I promise. And more importantly,
start today.
For what goes around does come back one day. Your deeds go into a bank account. Credit or debit, the choice is yours.

By: Iqra Zafar

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