The Cruelly Alone Girl!


Yet again; she found herself in the never-ending darkness, the time seemed to be stop, the only sound in the background was of chimes making their usual melodious tune due to the cold breezing wind while the dark blue curtains billowing created an overwhelming sense of emptiness. Her eyes reflected the pain she could feel in her heart, since the pain even demanded to be felt.
After the chimes stopped to dance, the dead silence started to narrate her story. The mind begined to play flash back-flash back where she could see how the people she loved left her, how she was reminded every time how lonely and imperfect she was. She had heard so many stories about her self that she didn’t even know which was the most popular one. She remembered how every time she was summoned that being a girl she can’t cross those stupid boundaries other people has created. How she can’t win at any stage of her life.
She was even tired of waiting for a rescue ship to save her from drowning, little did she know her rescue ship broked at the sea port. Neither her prince charming on a white horse was coming nor Augustus waters, clay Jensen, Robert Langdon or the Prince from snow white were in this damn world.
She headed towards the window where the moon continuted to give light even when it was behind the clouds. Her heart shouted “Come on YOU CAN DO IT. you are your own hero!” while the brain whispered “you certainly CAN’T DO IT”

But she saw how the moon had created light in the dark room and quickly realized something. That one realization that changed her life. She moved towards the mirror so enthusiastically that she didn’t even feel the weight of stones which were tied to her feet by the world. She wiped her tears off her pink cheeks and told her self how she will show the world what she is capable of. How she will show the folks what a women can do. In the mirror she couldn’t see her self but the route, route which will take her to her destination.

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